PGI Ringside Skin Set Giveaway

Hey everyone,

As we detailed earlier this week, there will be several different PGI themed skin sets available between now and the end of the tournament. The first of these is the Ringside Crate and that giveaway is going on NOW!

To claim your Ringside Crate, simply visit the link below and enter your in-game name as it displays in the in-game lobby. Please note, we need your PUBG name, not your Steam name!

This giveaway is limited to one set per account, so double check to make sure you’ve entered your name correctly. Crates will be automatically added to your account within a few days after the giveaway ends, so watch for them when you login to the game.

There are a limited number of skin sets available through this particular giveaway, but keep your eye on our social channels for other ways to grab this and other upcoming skin sets.

PGI 2018 runs from July 25-29 and will be streamed live on all major streaming platforms. For more information, please visit the official PGI website.


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