PUBG on FaceIt Launches Tomorrow! Win a FIAT 500!

With over 210,000 applications to participate in the Private Beta, FaceIt proved immediately that there was a high interest in a tournament-driven, competitive environment within PUBG. Starting tomorrow, everyone will have access to the FaceIt system when FaceIt: PUBG officially opens to the public!

FaceIt uses the PUBG custom games API to offer competitive games to players through their platform. Players can participate in these games and see their ranking and stats within the FaceIt environment. All official games have region lock enabled and use competitive settings.

Whether you’re an aspiring pro player looking to be noticed, wanting to join one of the many different community hubs with chat, leaderboards, and statistics, or simply want to give PUBG tournaments a try, FaceIt offers a variety of new ways for you to enjoy the game.

All players can gain access to many of FaceIt’s features for free, including access to free tournaments, matchroom stats, free leaderboards, and communities. Subscribers to PUBG Premium or FaceIt Premium on the platform gain the added benefits of map selection, premium profile stats, access to subscriber only competitions, and the ability to win prizes through ranked competitions. PUBG Premium members on FaceIt also receive an exclusive PUBG Subscriber badge!

To celebrate the official launch, FaceIt is giving away a FaceIt-branded FIAT 500 to the first FaceIt player to earn 338 chicken dinners. Why 338? Well, that’s just about how many chicken dinners you could fit inside of a FIAT 500, so it seemed logical (chickens not included)! This contest is open to both Free users and Subscribers, but be sure to check out the official rules for any restrictions.

Want to try FaceIt out for yourself? The service opens tomorrow, so head on over and sign up!

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