Featured Apps Spotlight: Battlegrounds Battle Buddy

Get Player Stats, Weapon Stats, Match Info, and More with Battlegrounds Battle Buddy

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We’re back to highlight another one of the PUBG community’s best applications. These apps are made possible by the official PUBG API which provides developers with free access to post-match game data. Learn more about it here or take a look at all of the community’s featured applications by visiting Featured Apps. We’re taking things mobile with this week’s highlight!

Battlegrounds Battle Buddy

Battlegrounds Battle Buddy has weapon stats, player stats, equipment information, and match information all available in the palm of your hand. Download it for free in the Google Play Store.

If you’re not sure which weapon to grab, swipe through the weapons in this app to check their effective range and amount of damage they can do. Don’t forget to check which ammo they use too! You can also see which attachments will fit each weapon and the armor, capacity, and damage reduction for each different type of equipment. Vehicle stats, consumable effects, and even a list of controls for both Xbox and PC are available.

Check yours or another player’s stats for the season and get an overview for each game mode. Tap on “Matches” to view recent matches. You’ll be presented with a screen that shows the match duration, number of kills, damage, distance travelled, and how you ranked for each match. Tap on one of the matches and you’ll find even more information including a list of your kills. If you click on the menu icon from this screen, you can also find a list of all the players in the match as well as a kill feed.

Battlegrounds Battle Buddy’s Damage Calculator

Check out the damage calculator to see how many hits it might take to kill you or your opponent. Start out by choosing your weapon, helmet, and vest, and then do the same for your enemy. Battle Buddy will calculate the number of hits it will take to either the head, body, or limbs in order to win or lose the fight.

The Future For Battlegrounds Battle Buddy

The developer of Battle Buddy is currently working on adding more match information to the app. We can expect to be able to see where everyone landed, weapon and attachment pickups, airdrops, and more. A landing roulette for each map is on the way so PUBG players can skip the argument about where to land with their squad and get right into the action!

A loadout creator is also being planned to add another layer of fun. Users will be able to create their own loadouts, share them with friends, and vote for the best ones to be featured on the app’s home screen.


Featured applications like Battlegrounds Battle Buddy use the official PUBG API to gather post-match PUBG game data. More information about this free service is available at the Developer Portal. That’s it for this week, but we have plenty more to share with you! Join us next time for more of the very best of the PUBG API Developer Community!


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