Featured Apps Spotlight: HUBG

Get detailed player stats and weapon analysis for all your matches at HUBG.

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We’re back again to highlight another awesome community application made possible with the official PUBG API. You can learn more about the free service here or explore all of the featured applications that were made using it by visiting Featured Apps. Today we’re taking a closer look at HUBG, a website that PC and Xbox PUBG players can both enjoy!


Check out HUBG to get lifetime stats, season stats, match reports, and a complete breakdown of your weapon usage. Wondering how many kills you got last season or how many times you reached the top 10? You can see that and a lot more!

Take a closer look at your recent matches and even a list of the players that you’ve recently battled alongside with. If you’re looking for a particular match, it’s going to be easy to find since they’re sorted by the day and time played. They also clearly show the map, gamemode, rank, and more.

Choose a match and click to expand it for a closer look at some of your match stats. Click on “Match Details” for a complete list of all the players in the match or “Match Report” for additional stats about your personal performance. Match reports and player profiles for everyone that played in the match are also a click away from Match Details.

Detailed Weapon Analysis at HUBG

HUBG gets deep into weapon analysis so if you’re looking into which combinations are the best for you, this is a great site to check out. Your stats for each match will include every single weapon that you fired. The shots are broken down into the frequency of where they landed on your opponent as well as the distances that they were fired from. It’s not just the weapons either; HUBG brings you an even more in-depth analysis by diving further into the different attachments that you used as well.


If you’re interested in using the official PUBG API to gather PUBG post-match game data to create your own application like HUBG, be sure to visit the Developer Portal. The service is free and anyone can submit their own PUBG application to be featured on the Featured Apps page. Join us next time for more about these awesome apps courtesy of the PUBG API Developer Community!


-The API Team

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