Featured Apps Spotlight: GOSU.AI

Improve your skill with GOSU.AI!

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This week’s featured app is for all of the PUBG players on Steam! We will be shining the spotlight on an application created by one of the PUBG API community developers that might help you improve your skills. You can learn more about the official PUBG API here or take a look at other great applications at Featured Apps. Today we’re taking a closer look at GOSU.AI, an application that connects to your Steam account for ultimate convenience.


To get started with GOSU.AI, sign up and connect your Steam account. Add the GOSU bot as a friend and it will send you a link after you finish a match where you can find all of your updated stats. The frequency of notifications can be adjusted and you can get pre-match as well as post-match information.

Your profile has a summary of all of your matches including wins, times in the top 10%, your kill/death ratio, and average survival time. If you select a match, you can view your kills, knocks, damage done to other players, and damage received.

GOSU.AI breaks down your accuracy with each weapon to help you see which ones you excel with and might fit best with your playstyle. Each weapon gets rated based on your performance with it. You can view your overall stats or get information about each weapon used during a particular match.

Each map is broken down into clusters so you can see your stats for landing, kills, time alive, and wins, and compare them to the overall region average.

Full Tree of Kills at GOSU.AI

A full tree of kills is available for every match so you can view your kills, who killed you, who else they killed, and who killed them. Any of the players can be highlighted for a closer look, and you can switch over to their profile with a single click to gather more information about your friends and enemies. Hover over a player’s IGN to see the location and time of their death, as well as the weapon that was used to kill them.

A Gift from the Developer

GOSU.AI has plans to bring you positional analysis, optimal looting locations, and advice about which weapons will work best for you. They are dedicated to help you improve your skills! In the meantime, they have provided us with a key for free 7-day premium access for the first 300 people to sign up and use it:


To redeem the promotional code above after creating and connecting your account to Steam, hover over your Steam profile name and click “Account”. Then click on “Subscription” on the top right and scroll down to the bottom to where it says “Activate promo code”. Put “pubgcorp_present” into the promo code field and click on “Activate” to start your free 7 days of premium access!

Premium access will allow PUBG players to break down their overall stats over game modes and maps. Premium subscribers also get access to new features first while they are still in beta.


If you’re a developer and would like to use the official PUBG API to create your own application with PUBG post-match game data, get started with this free service by visiting the Developer Portal. You can submit your own PUBG application to be featured on the Featured Apps page. We’ll be back soon with another great application from the PUBG API Developer Community!


-The API Team

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