Featured Apps Spotlight: Chicken Dinner

Give your eyeballs a tasty snack with some delicious replays from Chicken Dinner

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We have returned to show you another one of the PUBG community’s greatest applications. These apps are made possible by the official PUBG API which provides developers with free access to post-match game data. Learn more about it here or take a look at all of the community’s featured applications by visiting Featured Apps.

Chicken Dinner

Chicken Dinner never looked so good; today’s featured app gives you a beautiful replay of your matches. All you need to do is select your region and search for your IGN and all of the matches that you’ve played within the last two weeks will be listed for you in order of when you played them. The list includes your rank in the match, the map and game mode played, as well as how many kills you got.

Select a match and watch it unfold again for you in 2D. Rewind, fast-forward, pause, zoom in, and move around by clicking on the map. Click on the bottom-right of the replay to enter full-screen mode. On the top-right you can see how many players are remaining. The bottom-left will show the IGN, health bar, and equipped helmet for each member of your squad. The helmet will switch to a vehicle icon if a player gets into a vehicle.

The player icons during the replay show each player’s equipped helmet, direction that the player is facing, whether the player is in a vehicle, and there are attack vectors when they cause damage to other players. Care packages drop down as the blue zone moves inward, and red zones appear.

Damage done to players rains off of them in red numbers (the amount of damage done) and when players heal themselves, the amount is shown in green. As the replay shows you killing other players, you can see which weapon was used to do so and how many kills you’ve gotten so far in the game.

The replay itself is very player-centric and only your icon will be labeled with your IGN if you’re zoomed further out. The camera automatically zooms in closer to your player if you’re not interacting with the replay. As the camera gets closer, you can see the IGN of the other players as well as their health bars.

The replay automatically pauses when you die, but you can choose to continue watching it by clicking on “SPECTATE” for the player that killed you. Once you or the player that you’re spectating dies, Chicken Dinner will show you the rank, kills, and who the player was killed by along with the weapon used to kill them. Scroll down a little, and you’ll find the option to share the match by either using the link, or directly to Twitter or Facebook.

Coming Soon To Chicken Dinner

Chicken Dinner is planning to launch a new feature in the near future. You will soon be able to find and watch Twitch streamers playing the same match that you are watching a replay of. The stream will be shown within the replay screen and synched within the same timeline. You will be able to see the streamer’s perspective, their reaction, and a full overview of the match all simultaneously!


These amazing applications are created by the PUBG community. Featured applications like Chicken Dinner use the official PUBG API  to gather PUBG post-match game data. You can create your own application too! Get started by visiting the Developer Portal. Join us next time for more of the very best of the PUBG API Developer Community!


-The API Team

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