Featured Apps Spotlight: PUBG Lookup

PUBG Lookup provides extensive stats for PUBG players on PC, PS4, and Xbox

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Today we have an application to share with you that supports PUBG players on PC, PS4, and Xbox. PUBG Lookup is a free website created by a community developer that took extra care to fully support console players. Apps like these are made possible by the official PUBG API which provides developers with free access to post-match game data. You can learn more about the PUBG API here or view all of the community’s featured applications by visiting Featured Apps.

PUBG Lookup

PUBG Lookup supports PC, but it’s well known for being the go-to spot for PUBG console players. So whether you’re playing on PC or Xbox, or you just started playing the newly launched PS4 version, look no further for that awesome site to view your stats. Drop into PUBG Lookup, select your platform and region, and then search for your IGN.

You’ll find your season statistics for each game mode with options to switch between Overview, Combat, Survival, and Recent Matches. The overview will show you your number of wins, kills, times reaching the top 10, total matches, rating, and more. Combat goes more into detail about your types of kills, shows how many weapons you’ve acquired, and the total amount of damage that you’ve dealt. The Survival page shows your revives, heals, boosts, travel stats, and both the longest and total time survived for the current season. Switch to Recent Matches for a list of your recent matches that includes the map, game mode, kills, and rank.

PUBG Lookup Match Report

Click on the map name on a recent match to view the match report and some seriously extensive information. Share match reports with your friends using the provided short links.

The overview shows how long you survived versus the length of the match. It includes your rank, number of kills, travel distance, and even the weather. Click below the overview on “Map Details” to see a heatmap of where you travelled, the safety zones, care packages, and your kills.

You’ll also find additional information about your damage including a place to compare your squadmates, a hit chart, accuracy information, weapon details, and a timeline of all of the damage you took or caused while attacking another player. There’s a section for all of your kill stats including a full kill feed, your longest kill, and the number of kills, knocks, and assists you made.

The leaderboard allows you to toggle between sorting by kills or rank, and shows the number of kills and damage done for each player. Clicking on any of the players in the leaderboard will bring you to their season statistics so there’s no need to search for them separately.

At the bottom of the Match Report, you’ll find the kill trees. The tree on the left starts with the winner of the match, and the tree on the right is for the blue zone.

Additional Features With Your Free Registration

It isn’t necessary to register at PUBG Lookup for stats about recent matches or the current season stats for a player, but registration doesn’t cost anything and you’ll gain access to several additional features. Features for registered players include lifetime stats, recent weapon stats, the ability to follow players for quick access, and custom scoreboards. You’ll also be able to set your homepage to either “My Season” or “Recent Matches” for when you login.

Once you have an account, you can view your weapon stats. Weapon stats include aggregated statistics from your most recent 5 matches. You’ll find your number of hits and damage per body region, as well as the damage done per weapon.

If you’re logged in, you will be able to find all of your friends’ and favorite streamers’ stats all in one place by clicking on the star icon on the top right of the site. Get started building the “Players you’re following” page by searching for players and clicking on “Follow”. View their season stats, recent matches, recent stats, or click on “Quick Stats” for a quick overview.

Create a custom scoreboards for up to 4 players each and their 5 most recent matches. This is great for comparing members of your squad or favorite players. Add players that you’re following to your scoreboards, name each scoreboard, and then save them for viewing whenever you log back in. You can sort players by kills, damage, or rank, based on 1-5 of the most recent matches or the average stats for all of them.

Upcoming Features For PUBG Lookup

The creator of PUBG Lookup would like to thank everyone that has supported his project. He is working on some new features including additional ways to compare players, and features designed specifically for tournament organizers. He plans to help organizers get data as efficiently as possible so that they can focus on their tournament without worrying about calculating match data. If you’re interested in organizing some tournaments either with your friends or a larger community, you might want to check up on PUBG Lookup in the near future.


Featured applications like PUBG Lookup use the official PUBG API  to gather PUBG post-match game data. All of these amazing applications are created by the PUBG community. You can create your own application too! Get started by visiting the Developer Portal.


-The API Team

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