Featured Apps Spotlight: BattleMentor

BattleMentor has stats for PC and console players on both Android and iOS

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We’re back to shine the spotlight on another application created by one of the PUBG API community developers. These applications use the official PUBG API, a free service that you can learn more about here, or view all of the community’s featured applications by visiting Featured Apps. A while back we did a post about an Android application, but we didn’t forget about PUBG players looking for stats on their iOS device! BattleMentor has stats for PC and console players on both Android and iOS.


Get started using BattleMentor by tapping on the top-left menu icon to choose the platform and season that you would like stats for. Tap on the top of the app to search for a player. The menu will let you choose between “Stats” (season stats), “Matches”, and “Compare”. Tap on “Stats” and you’ll be presented with the season stats for all game modes. Toggle between FPP and TPP with a single tap.

Tap on the game mode to see a comparison between this season and last season. The chart includes your points, rounds, kills, K/D, average damage, and the number of wins.

If you’re more interested in comparing players rather than seasons, tap on “Compare” in the menu. All of the same information for comparing seasons is available to compare any two players on the same platform. Tap on “Compare” to enter the in-game name for each player and you’ll have access to charts that compare them for the season.

Exploring Matches with BattleMentor

Tapping on “Matches” will get you to a list of your recent matches which include your rank, kills, damage, map, and more.

Choose a match to see the “events” that your player was involved in. Events include when your player caused damage or killed another player and vice versa. Each event includes the time that it occurred, the damage done (and to which body part), as well as the weapon that was used.

BattleMentor even takes it a step further by showing you where the event took place. Tap on an event to see both of the involved players’ locations.

If you’re looking for more information about the other players in the match, tap the table above “Events” to get a complete list of everyone’s kills, assists, dBNOs, damage, and rank. Tap on any of these players to see a list of their “events” as well.

Upcoming Features for BattleMentor

The creator of BattleMentor tells us that there’s a lot to look forward to! The future holds lifetime stats, weapon statistics, and plenty more charts. We can also expect to see squad analytics soon so you can get insight on who the best marksman or survivalist is on your team. We also hear that a feature to track tournaments is in the early stages of development.


BattleMentor and other featured applications use the official PUBG API to gather PUBG post-match game data. All of these amazing applications are created by the PUBG community. If you’re interested in creating your own application using this free service, you can get started by visiting the Developer Portal.


-The API Team

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