BETA Season 1 Survival Title System

We are excited to introduce a new way to progress through PUBG - welcome to the Survival Title System!

Hello everyone,

We are excited to introduce a new way to progress through PUBG – welcome to the Survival Title System! The Survival Title System will be implemented into the game with the update on January 22.

We designed the new Survival Title System so you can see how you progress, going from zero to obtaining honorable Titles through continued play while improving your skills. And while this is also a beta and can change with your feedback, here’s some more information on our thoughts and goals for the new Survival Title System in Beta Season 1.

Beta Season 1 Survival Title System 

The Survival Title System is based on personal growth, instead of having your placement being decided based on competition with others.

With the Survival Title System, you can obtain Titles through consistently playing the game. Once you reach Expert, there are no longer any divisions, but progression will be more difficult and influenced more by a higher ranking and kill count in every session.

There is no demotion aspect in the Survival Title System, meaning once you achieve a Title, the only place to go is up (with exception to the Lone Survivor Title, detailed below)!

Players will begin with 1 Survival Point (SP). SP gain efficiency will be tweaked slightly between different game modes (Solo, Duo, Squad) in an effort to keep each mode fair and balanced to prevent any as being seen as the only viable way to grind SP.

The Lone Survivor

As the top end of this system, only the top 100 players are able to acquire the Lone Survivor Title. Once you reach the required amount of SP for Lone Survivor, you will have to continue earning SP or risk being bumped by a competitor. You will retain the Lone Survivor Title as long as you remain in the top 100, so play well and play often to show off your prestigious title!

Leaderboard Improvements

The Leaderboard has been improved to highlight players who have made it to Lone Survivor. This leaderboard will be updated every 2 hours.

Lone Survivor players who do not play a match for one week will be removed from the Leaderboard.

Title Icon In Lobby

Title emblems will be displayed in the lobby for you and your team. The emblem will be changed and displayed to reflect each mode.

Rewards (system) per Survival Title

We’ve added a reward system for those working their way up through the new Title System. For Beta Season 1, you will receive rewards based on the highest Title achieved during the season regardless of Mode(Solo/Duo/Squad) or Perspective (TPP/FPP). Those rewards will be given out at the start of the following Season.

Novice through Survivor Titles will receive rewards as their milestones are achieved. You can check your status, which can be checked in the Title information on the “SEASON – OVERVIEW” page of the game lobby. Lone Survivors will receive the same rewards as Survivors and will only retain the Lone Survivor Title while within the top 100.

Remember that the Title System is still in Beta. Your continued and valuable feedback will help us choose the direction of this and future systems, so let us know your thoughts on what we’re doing right or more importantly, what you’d like to see from us in the future.

Thank you,
PUBG Console Dev Team

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