Vikendi Scavenger Hunt #2

The second Vikendi Scavenger Hunt has now started!

Hello Survivors,

Welcome to Vikendi Scavenger Hunt #2!

We hope you enjoyed the last five challenges. Today, we are releasing another fresh set of challenges, so gear up and go searching!

If you submit a screenshot for any of the 5 challenges, you will receive the following in-game item:

Challenge #6~10: Snow Beanie (Pink)

Dates Challenge #6~10:

Start: Jan 27, 5:00 PM CET / 8:00 AM PST

End: Feb 3, 5:00 PM CET / 8:00 AM PST

How to participate

  • Check the challenge images below. Each one is a small section of a screenshot we have taken on Vikendi.
  • Find the location where they were taken, and take your own. You must upload the full screenshot of the game at the challenge location. (This includes the map and compass)
  • Submit your screenshot along with your Xbox Gamertag and email address HERE
  • To take a screenshot, press the Xbox button and press Y
    • When prompted, press and hold the Xbox button to view your screenshot
    • Select “Upload”, and then “Upload to Xbox Live”
    • Either log in to your account at OR input your name at, to find your screenshot.


  • The First player who submits a correct screenshot for any of the challenges will win special PUBG goods, as well as the in-game item.
    • If a player is first to submit a correct screenshot for 2 or more challenges, they will only be eligible for 1 prize, which is of their choosing.
      • The unchosen prize(s) will be given to the second fastest player.
    • Goods will vary on difficulty of challenge and will be revealed along with the challenges.
  • All players who submit a screenshot of the correct location for any of the challenges will win the in-game item.
    • Two in-game rewards are available, one for each set of 5 challenges.
      • Challenges #1~5 (Posted on day 1) will receive Snow Beanie (Pink).
      • Challenges #6~10 (Posted on day 2) will receive Snow Sunglasses.
  • You can only submit one screenshot at a time through the submission form. This means that if you have answers for two challenges, you need to fill out the form twice, once for each screenshot.

Challenge (Example)

Player screenshot (Example)

Challenge #6

First Submission Bonus: Erangel Picnic Mat

Challenge #7

First Submission Bonus: PUBG Logo Eco-Bag & Winner Winner Chicken Leg Dinner Bag-charm

Challenge #8

First Submission Bonus: Winner Winner Chicken Leg Dinner Cushion

Challenge #9 (You need to match the exact direction shown on the compass, pointed at 190)

First Submission Bonus: PUBG Logo Zip-up Hoodie (L or XL)

Challenge #10

First Submission Bonus: PUBG Backpack

For the submission, please click HERE

Good luck everyone, and happy hunting!

PUBG Xbox Team

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