Featured Apps Spotlight: PUBG Report

Check PUBG Report for kills caught on video by streamers

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We’ve got another awesome application to share with you that was created by one of the PUBG API community developers. This website will provide you with a unique opportunity to view your match from another player’s point of view. As a reminder, applications like these use the official PUBG API, a free service that you can learn more about here.

PUBG Report

Ever wondered if that player you just killed or just killed you was streaming? Or maybe you already know they were streaming, but wish there was just a simpler way for you to find and see their reaction. Good news, there’s an app for that now!

PUBG Report will allow you to search an IGN to find Twitch streamers that either killed or were killed by that player. Just go to the website and type in an IGN to get a list of all of the kills that were broadcasted.

If that player was streaming at the same time, both of the videos will be available to view on the same page. Each video will start right before the kill so there’s no need to search to find it. The full stream is available if you would like to continue watching. Check out some screenshots from when Fugglet killed WackyJacky101.

The same result from that search also showed WackyJacky101’s perspective of the fight on the same page. Rewind, fast-forward, pause, or switch to fullscreen. You can even play both videos at the same time.

Upcoming Features For PUBG Report

PUBG Report has Twitch streams for PC players, but support for console players and Mixer streams are coming soon. We can also expect to be able to search for additional IGNs that aren’t already included in the autocomplete list. Highlight clips will soon be added to the homepage featuring interesting achievements such as the longest kill caught on stream.


PUBG Report and all of the other Featured Apps use the official PUBG API to gather PUBG post-match game data. All of these wonderful applications are created by the PUBG community. Visit the Developer Portal to create your own application using this free service.


-The API Team

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