Update #25 - Now Live!

Jump in and try the new Bizon SMG, Moonlight Weather on Vikendi, Canted Sight and more

PUBG’s latest content release, Update 25, is now available on live servers.

You can take a look at some of what Update #25 has to offer in the Patch Preview Video below.

For full patch notes, check out this link.

This update brings a loot rebalance to Vikendi, increasing AR spawn rates while reducing SMG spawns, Level 3 helmets, and Level 3 Vests.

In addition, a brand new SMG, the Bizon, will now spawn on Vikendi and Erangel, and players can now experience PUBG’s wintry map under the colorful Aurora Borealis with the “Moonlight” weather setting for Vikendi.

Update #25 also features a number of quality of life improvements including the ability to pre-set the firing mode of any firearm you pick up.

Unfortunately, the Snowbike will not be making its appearance this update due to some gameplay issues that need to be fixed. This new Vikendi exclusive vehicle will become available in a future update once the issues have been resolved.

We hope you enjoy Update #25 and as always, remember to share your feedback!

– The PUBG Team

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