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Check stats and watch replays on Android with Stats Assistant!

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The PUBG API community developers continue to create great applications for free using the official PUBG API. You can learn more about the PUBG API here, or view all of the community’s featured applications by visiting Featured Apps. Today, we have a great Android application to share with you that provides both stats and replays for PC and console players.

Stats Assistant

With Stats Assistant, you can check your season stats, compare your stats with other players, check the top 100 players, or see your progress in PUBG since you started playing. You can even save your favorite players and matches to check back on later.

If you tap on “LAST MATCHES” in the menu, you’ll find a list of your matches from the last 14 days, each of which can be added to your list of favorite matches. Tapping on a match will bring up an overview including your kills, assists, headshots, and the ranks of each player. You can view additional stats for each player and add them to your list of favorite players by tapping on their in-game name (IGN).

Tap on the graph icon on the top right for a heatmap and list of events for your player. Each event shows how much damage your player took (red) or caused (green), the total health of the player, and the weapon used. You can tap on each event to zoom in on the heatmap or the icon next to it for additional information.

Switch from this “MAP” tab to the “Player” tab for additional information about your player during the match, including a damage timeline, health timeline, equipped items, vehicles ridden, and a list of all of the players that you caused damage to or killed.

If you’re ready for a full replay of the match, go back to the match overview and tap on the replay icon. The replay features a killfeed and marks each player that you’ve killed in green.

The developer of Stats Assistant tells us we can expect to see improvements to the replay feature in the near future. For instance, you will soon be able to tap on a player icon to see their stats and inventory.


Stats Assistant uses the official PUBG API to gather PUBG post-match game data. Featured applications like this are all created by the PUBG community using this free service. You can get started using the PUBG API by visiting the Developer Portal.


-The API Team

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