FACEIT Global Summit is almost here!

The first PUBG Classic is upon us! Soon the best PUBG teams from around the world will meet at the FACEIT Global Summit in London for the most competitive international tournament yet. Twenty-four of the top teams from all nine PUBG Esports regions will compete for their share of the $400,000 prize pool and the unofficial title of Phase 1 champion. Please have a check the arrangement of the group competition with the overview of FACEIT Global Summit!

Three Groups, Two Ways Out

With ENCE’s conquest of the PUBG Europe League this past weekend, the field of teams for the FACEIT Global Summit are set and will begin the competition in three select groups of eight. Teams were seeded into their groups based on overall diversity and the relative strength of their home regions.

The three groups will compete against each other (A vs B, A vs C, and B vs C) over the first three days of the tournament. The top eight point-earners from the group stage advance to the FACEIT Global Summit finals. The remaining 16 battle through a one-day elimination round that results in a second set of eight teams advancing to the Finals Stage.

FACEIT Global Summit Match Schedule

  • Group Stage 
    • 4/16(Day 1) 4:00 am PDT~ : Group A vs Group B – 6 Matches
    • 4/17(Day 2) 4:00 am PDT: Group B vs Group C – 6 Matches
    • 4/18(Day 3) 4:00 am PDT: Group C vs Group A – 6 Matches
      • Top 8 teams advance to the Grand Finals
  • Elimination Stage
    • 4/19 4:00 am PDT~ : 16 Teams – 6 Matches
      • Top 8 teams advance to the Grand Finals
  • Grand Finals
    • 4/20(Day 1) 4:00 am PDT~ : 16 Teams – 6 Matches
    • 4/21(Day 2) 5:00 am PDT~ : 16 Teams – 6 Matches

Prize Pool Breakdown

16 teams from group stages and the elimination stage will participate in the battle, and the final top 12 teams will get the prize.

FACEIT Global Summit Streaming Channels

FACEIT Global Summit provides broadcasting. Please check channels below and get ready for the match!


Fan Participation

Fans can tune into the FACEIT Global Summit on April 16 when Group A faces off against Group B, the arena in London lights up, and the purest battle royale experience takes center stage. European PUBG fans will have the easiest time making the trek to the U.K. to experience the elimination round and finals of the tournament in person, and, thankfully, tickets to the FACEIT Global Summit at ExCel London are still available.

Those who can’t make it to London can still grab their piece of the first PUBG Classic. The exclusive in-game items commemorating the FACEIT Global Summit, with 25% of the proceeds going to participating teams, are only available for a limited time in PUBG. If the players can seize their moment in London, maybe fans can do their part as well.

For more information of FACEIT Global Summit, visit pubgesports.com.

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