Player Care Package 2nd Test Event

Hello Players!

Last month, we tested a Player Care Package event; Player Care Package is a way to distribute rewards for completing missions and logging in during special events. Through this test, we were able to get meaningful and valuable insights from your participation. We really appreciate your participation and we hope you enjoyed the loot.

After making a few updates to the system, we would like to stress test another Player Care Package event. The way to participate is the same as the first event, but we’ve extended the event period so that a lot more players can claim the reward item. For this event you’ll be rewarded with a permanent axe-shaped sickle skin. Thank you again for participating in the test. Your feedback will be valuable in helping us make necessary improvements for the future return of this feature.

Please see below for details.

  • Test schedule
    • Start: Apr 29 18:00 PDT / Apr 30 3:00 CEST / Apr 30 10:00 KST
    • End:  May 6 18:00 PDT / May 7 3:00 CEST / May 7 10:00 KST
  • To Claim:
    • Log into Lobby
    • Press the Player Care Package button on the top right corner to verify

  • Reward
    • Fire Axe Sickle Skin (Permanent)

*If you experience any issues when claiming your rewards, please restart your game first and then contact Customer Support if that does not rectify the issue.

Thank you!

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