Winners of the PUBG Developers Challenge

Update: Match Bar for PUBG is removing the live DPK graph and damage notifications feature from their application as it has the potential to provide an unfair advantage to players.

A few months ago, we announced Overwolf’s launch of the PUBG Developers Challenge, an opportunity for developers to create PUBG applications for the Overwolf platform with both the Overwolf and PUBG APIs at their disposal. With a grand prize consisting of awesome PUBG swag, Logitech gear, and $15,000, there was a lot on the line!

The end of the PUBG Developers Challenge is finally here and we’re overflowing with excitement to announce the winners! Team members from both Overwolf and PUBG worked together to evaluate each of the applications and it was definitely a close call. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

The applications were judged based on the following criteria:

50% Player Value
30% Technical Quality
20% Design & Visuals

Third Place, Best Second Screen Application: PUBG Player

Our third place winner, who will also be awarded for the best second screen application, is PUBG Player. This app is even better if you have a second monitor so that you can keep it full screen while you play PUBG, but you don’t need one to use it. You can open and close the screen in-game with any hotkey that you want to set.

PUBG Player lets you view aggregated tops (amount of wins and top 10 placements), K/D ratios, and survival points for everyone in your current or recently played matches. You can toggle back and forth between seasonal and lifetime stats, and highlight you and your team. During your match, you can view the players that are alive/dead, the time they survived for, damage they dealt, and how many kills they made. Players can be sorted by any of the six categories, and PUBG Player updates the live stats in real-time!

Second Place: Match Bar for PUBG

The second place prize goes to Match Bar for PUBG, an overlay which tracks stats and events in real-time, and adds labels for the number of kills you’ve gotten so far.

Match Bar looks like just a simple loading bar across your screen, but it’s actually predicting how far along in the match you are. Icons show up along the bar indicating when during the match you got a headshot, knock, kill, or when you are knocked or killed.

Use a hotkey to expand the bar and you’ll see your KPM (kills per minute), season stats (kills, deaths, average damage per round), and live match stats including kills, headshots, and damage. The graph collapses again easily, staying out of the way when you’re busy in-game.

If you weren’t able to get that Chicken Dinner, Match Bar helps soften the pain of defeat by showing you a list at the end of your match of all of the players that you outlived.

First Place: Chicken Dinner

The first place winner of the PUBG Developers Challenge is the application that just happens to have the most fitting name, Chicken Dinner. This app might look familiar to you because we did a Spotlight Post about their website last year. They’ve made some impressive updates since then, and now you can download their application from Overwolf to get replays of your most recent 5 matches without having to leave the game.

Chicken Dinner offers beautiful replays of your matches in 2D that are an absolute joy to watch. The replays will automatically center and zoom-in on the icon representing your player so you can just sit back and enjoy the show. Of course, you can also rewind, fast-forward, zoom, or move to another spot on the map to explore the rest of the events during the match.

Chicken Dinner’s newest feature lets you see the streamers that were in your match, select one, and view their stream in sync with the 2D replay. Seeing the top-down view of the match at the same time as you watch the match being played is an awesome experience that we think PUBG fans will really enjoy.

Conclusion of the PUBG Developers Challenge

All of the participants made fantastic applications for PUBG fans that are both useful and entertaining. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Overwolf applications for PUBG here. Everyone that submitted an application for the challenge will receive an exclusive PUBG Developers Challenge hoodie. Great work, everyone!

The PUBG Developers Challenge may be over now, but you can still create great PUBG applications using the PUBG API. Get started by heading over to the Developer Portal and clicking on “GET YOUR OWN API KEY”. Check out the Getting Started page for more information.


-The API Team

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