Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will soon begin and includes over 60 rewards which can be obtained within the 10 week pass duration. The new pass will include missions to test players skills, an in-game feature that provides mission tracking in real-time and even a new lobby and background music.


There are also bundles being sold which includes exclusive skins. Please check them out here.

Enjoy the new Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card!

  • Pass Period
    • Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will run from when Update #7 (XBOX) / #4 (PS4) hits live servers, until August 6 5:00AM (UTC)
  • Improved Features
    • Mission status tracking is now displayed live in-game
    • Press LB (XBOX) / L1 (PS4) to view your current mission status (live update of data may have a few seconds of delay)
  • New Missions
    • Daily Missions: These missions change daily, so ensure you complete each in time! You can swap out up to 3 missions per day
    • Weekly Missions: You will be able to play 10 new missions every week. You can swap up to 5 missions per week for new ones, and expired missions will disappear
    • Beginner Missions: Added 10 introductory missions that teach players about various in-game features
    • There are additional challenge missions to test your gunplay skills with the following weapons: Tommy Gun, Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, M16A4
  • Earn a weapon skin for each weapon’s mission set you complete!
  • Rewards
    • Over 60 rewards total
  • New character face & hair items as free pass rewards
  • New backpack skins
  • Every level of the pass will grant a coupon which can be used in the coupon store to redeem items and random keys
  • Premium Pass and Level-up Items
    • Premium Pass: 1,000 G-Coin 
    • Available until: August 5 8:00AM (UTC)
  • Level-up Items:
    • 5 Levels (500 G-Coin), 20 Levels (1,800 G-Coin), 30 Level up item (2,500 G-Coin)
    • Available until: August 5 8:00AM (UTC)
  • Other
    • Changing language is disabled while in-game to prevent a crash related to the live mission progress function

We hope everyone enjoys the new Survivor Pass!  Become the Wild Card, and Dress to Kill!


PUBG Console Team

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