Featured Apps Spotlight: PUBGAnalyzer

Stats and infographics for PC and console players

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We’re back again to share another great featured application with you! PUBGAnalyzer provides stats and beautiful infographics for both PC and console players.


As it says on the website’s FAQ, the first time you use PUBGAnalyzer, it could take a few minutes for all of your matches to be analyzed. Fortunately, you have the option of leaving your email address so you don’t have to wait. Instead, you’ll get an email as soon as the analysis is complete. You can also simply check back later. We suggest taking a look at the homepage while you wait.

The homepage has all the recent news for PUBGAnalyzer. You will also find links to posts about how to use the site effectively, including how to find out which is the best weapon for you, where the best places for you to land are, and how PUBGAnalyzer’s leaderboards work.

When your stats are ready, you’ll find a quick overview for each game mode, including your kill/death ratio, number of wins and kills, and how you measure up to other PUBG fans that use PUBGAnalyzer. There’s also a special stat called “PGA Points” (PUBGAnalyzer Points), based on PUBGAnalyzer’s own algorithm. Below that, you’ll find information about the last 8 matches you played, including your number of kills and damage done during that match.

Next, you’ll find graphs showing how effective you are with particular weapons. There are graphs showing the percentage of how many times you were able to kill your opponent using a weapon, which weapons you use the most, and how much damage you cause with each weapon. You can also check out how many times you’ve played with each of your friends, and just how great a player and teammate they are.

Weapon stats are broken down into, kills, kill percent, usage percent, and which part of your opponent’s body you tend to hit with each weapon.

PUBGAnalyzer’s location stats show how likely you are to get kills and win depending on where you land.

PUBGAnalyzer has its own leaderboards too, based on PGA points. You can check them out for the current season’s top 200 players worldwide (that have been analyzed by PUBGAnalyzer). The highest stats for the current season are also being tracked. Check back daily to see if you can beat and maintain the record for most kills in a single match, the longest kill, and more.


PUBGAnalyzer, and all of the other featured applications, use the official PUBG API to gather post-match PUBG game data. These applications are created and maintained by the PUBG community, by PUBG fans for PUBG fans. More information about the PUBG API is available at the Developer Portal. Anyone can use the PUBG API to create awesome PUBG applications for their own enjoyment or for the community.


-The API Team

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