North American PC Players,

Beginning Tuesday, October 1, 9:30 pm – Thursday October 3, 9:30 pm PDT, we will be testing skill-based matchmaking in PUBG for a limited time to gather data on how this changes your gameplay experience. This test will be exclusive to the North American PC server for now. During this test, the matchmaking system will work to place players of similar skill levels, determined based upon various gameplay statistics, together in the same matches.

Our goal is to improve the overall PUBG experience for players of all skill levels and we highly encourage and appreciate your feedback as you take part in this test. The intention of the test is to improve gameplay experience in standard matchmaking games and is unrelated to any potential competitive mode or ranked systems.

Please note: due to the nature of this test, you may experience longer than usual queue times as the system works to collect players of similar skill level and place them together in matches.

Your feedback is important. We will evaluate several areas during this test including gameplay experience, queue times and other key metrics. As we collect data from our test, we will closely monitor player sentiment related to any changes in your experience. This test and your feedback will determine how and if we proceed with skill-based matchmaking in the future.

Thank you,
The PUBG team

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