Greetings. My name is Sangki Kim, Senior Console Contents Engineer at PUBG.

A critical issue that the dev team has been working diligently to fix is incidences of “Lost Connection to Host”. We are happy to say that this has been greatly improved thanks to fixes made in Update 4.3 – decreasing the total amount lost connections by over 90%.

“Lost Connection to Host” (LCTH) happens when a large amount of resources that are supposed to be loaded when a player joins the match are not loaded correctly. We saw a couple of LCTH issues last year as well. Previously, this issue happened due to Garbage Collection (GC) not functioning correctly when loading map data to get into the match (GC frees up space by disposing of unused resources and allows that space to be used again. Sometimes, loading the map took quite a long time which led to GC throwing away necessary resources. To resolve this issue, we increased the time interval of GC occurring, so that all resources would fully load before players got into the game.

The culprit in the most recent incidents of LCTH was a little different. With more content added in each update, such as Inventory, Equipment, and systems like Weapon Mastery and Survival Mastery, there are many much more resources that need to be loaded compared to previous versions of the game.

When LCTH started occurring again, we first tried increasing the time interval for GC to occur, however this did not resolve the issue as it did previously. More content means more resources are required so, to make sure all resources loaded without failure, we needed to take a different approach to resolve the issue. After a series of trials and errors, we were able to reorganize the loading logic to make sure all resources are loaded before getting into a match which resulted in the occurrence rate of LCTH being reduced by over 90%.

We understand this was a frustrating issue to deal with and we thank everyone for their patience while we worked on a fix.


Sangki Kim, Senior Console Contents Engineer

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