After a season of struggle and triumphs, the top teams in PUBG Esports are now on the hunt for the ultimate Chicken Dinner as the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) takes center stage. The action begins with the Group Stage on November 8 at the OGN Super Arena in Southern California and concludes with the Grand Finals at the Oakland Arena where one team will be looking to become the latest champions to be crowned in the Golden State.

Beyond catching all of the world’s top teams on live broadcast, fans can participate in the PGC festivities thanks to special edition in-game items and on-site activities in Oakland Arena.

The PGC items are available beginning November 5 6:00PM PT, while tickets for the Grand Finals, and the exclusive merchandise and giveaways that come with the event, can be purchased at the following link: [here]

The PGC items include:

  • PGC 2019 “Victory Dance” Emote – 300 G-Coin
  • PGC 2019 M416 Weapon Skin – 1,000 G-Coin
  • PGC 2019 Dacia Skin – 1,000 G-Coin
  • PGC 2019 Clothing Set – 1,000 G-Coin
    • PGC 2019 Headgear
    • PGC 2019 Mask
    • PGC 2019 Tactical Hoodie
    • PGC 2019 Combat Pants
    • PGC 2019 Sneakers
    • PGC 2019 Braces and Smartwatch
  • PGC 2019 Combat Set – 1,500 G-Coin
    • PGC 2019 Helmet (Level 2)
    • PGC 2019 Backpack (Level 2)
    • PGC 2019 Parachute
  • PGC 2019 Bundle – 3,000 G-Coin
    • M416, Dacia skins and Clothing, Combat sets are included.


Additionally, with the purchase of each PGC item, fans will be entered in a raffle for the PGC Weapon Skin Set with a 6.25% chance of winning. Players who achieve top 10 in any mode by November 22 6PM PT will also be rewarded 6.25% chance of winning. (This will only be counted once). Find out all of the details at

PGC Weapon Skin Set includes:

  • AKM
  • SCAR-L
  • Mini 14
  • Kar98k
  • Frying Pan

PGC Weapon Skin Set will be given to console players by December 10.

50% of PGC 2019 item revenue will be shared among participating teams.

The 32 teams competing in the PUBG Global Championship event are the best from each of PUBG’s nine competitive regions and have earned their places in the championship tournament after a full season of aggressive play, strategic survival and plenty of Chicken Dinners.

The Group Stage includes three days of competition where pre-drawn groups of 16 will compete over the first two days while the third day will see teams from the bottom halves of the first two days competing in an Elimination Group. The top eight teams from the Elimination Group join the other top teams in the Semifinals. The Semifinals will split the 24 remaining teams into three groups of eight and then matched against each other over three days.

The top 16 teams from the Semifinals advance to the Grand Finals where they’ll play 12 total matches over two days. When the dust clears one team will have earned the crown and stand as the undisputed champions of PUBG Esports.

For fans around the world, is the home of the PUBG Global Championship with the official schedule, standings, team lineups, and custom livestream-viewing experiences; fans can watch all the action in their preferred languages and with real-time player and team statistics.

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