Hello everyone,

We have maintenance scheduled on November 13, which includes the PUBG Global Championship lobby background and music update as well as various bug fixes and back-end server adjustments.

Due to technical difficulties, players on Xbox will need to download a large size patch. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

Please read on for more details!

Maintenance Schedule:

PST: November 13 10:00pm – November 14 3:00am

CET: November 14 7:00am – 12:00pm

Patch Notes


  • Added updated lobby background and music in celebration of PGC 2019.
  • Season 5 lobby and music will return after PGC 2019.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the lock icon is incorrectly displayed for private Custom Match rooms
  • Fixed an issue where the weather setting of all Custom Match rooms are displayed as ‘Sunny’
  • Fixed an issue where a character would sometimes teleport in the early phase
  • Fixed an issue where a Mirado skin is applied over the Gold Mirado
  • Fixed an issue where a character’s mouth is glitched when holding a throwable item
  • Fixed an issue where a character’s modeling is incorrectly displayed when wearing certain jackets with PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Bandana
  • Fixed an issue where a female character’s net is glitched when wearing Erangel Biker Jacket with Longsleeved Turtleneck
  • Fixed an issue where textures and icons of some items added in the October update are incorrectly displayed
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes get matched into wrong region
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