Hello everyone,

We are currently testing the merge of AS & OC servers. We know that there are a lot of passionate OC and AS players and we want the best battle royale experience given to each player. The three aspects of the best battle royale experience below were considered before we decided to run the test.

  • Session starting with enough players
  • Minimal amount of matchmaking wait time
  • Play with no disadvantages such as ping

While the top 2 aspects can be satisfied with the server merge, we were always worried that there would be ping difference from players from both servers. With much consideration and analysis, we believed that it would be better to at least let our players get into matches rather than waiting quite a long time to get into a match.  This is why 3 locations were planned to be tested to see which would affect the ping difference of two regions.

However, we have received a lot of feedback from our players who have been able to help us with the current test, with deep concerns about the merge and their pings. Therefore, we have decided that we will shorten the 1st test period by two days, and then proceed to a new test, which is different than what was originally planned.

The new test plan will be run like below:

1st Test Period

Because this first test has not been favorable to some players so far, we will shorten the 1st test period by two days. However, we must carry on with a certain length for the test period for a few reasons.

First, due to the new 2nd planned test, the data of how matchmaking behaves for a week during this test will help us determine the peak time and off-peak time. Second, we need to ensure that OC/AS matchmaking can run smoothly during off-peak time, since we’ll be directing OC players to the AS server during these times. Lastly, the location must remain in Tokyo due to the fact that current AS server is located there.

We expect this test to provide us with the results that we need to make future decisions for the OC/AS server.


  • PST: November 20th 6:00PM – 25th 6:00PM
  • CET: November 21st 3:00AM – 25th 3:00AM
  • AEDT: November 21st 1:00PM – 26th 1:00PM


  • OC/AS server location will be set to Tokyo

2nd Test Period 

The OC server open time will be a fixed time. Along with ping and matchmaking data collected from the 1st test, we’ll continue to monitor if the fixed time is appropriate and will change the time if it isn’t. The server time was decided on the factors below.

  • Average players in each match
  • Average matchmaking wait time

While we can average out the both factors, this becomes complicated when we implement this to all modes. With this setting, TPP Squads will run smoothly, while Duo and Solo could experience a little slow matchmaking time. Our decision was made to have the most used mode played at the same region when it has enough amount of players connected. Please share your feedback when testing regarding matchmaking wait time and players in the match.


  • PST: November 27th 6:00PM – December 4th 6:00PM
  • CET: November 28th 3:00AM – December 5th 3:00AM
  • AEDT: November 28th 1:00PM – December 5th 1:00PM


  • OC server will be opened for certain amount of time of the day.
    • While OC server is closed, OC players will be directed to AS server as default.
    • OC server open time:
      • 5:00PM ~ 11:00PM (AEDT)

We’ll always be listening to your feedback and will change the server open time accordingly.

We appreciate all of your feedback thus far, please continue to leave us your reports so that we can make the best decisions that we can for our community.


PUBG Console Team

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