Introducing the 2019 PUBG Awards!

Earn in-game and real-life prizes by submitting your best and funniest clips each week!

Whether you’re dropping the perfect 360 noscope, bullseyeing that once-in-a-lifetime 800m headshot, or just messing around when things go terribly right, great plays happen in PUBG all the time. With the first ever PUBG Awards, we aim to reward you for those unique plays!

The 2019 PUBG Awards offers PC and Console players the chance to submit their best/funniest/craziest 30 second clip in a variety of categories for a chance to win great prizes and one of the coveted 2019 PUBG Award trophies. Remember, we’re judging thrills over skills! The submission period will last 4 weeks with a new category opening each week and you may only submit one clip per week, so choose wisely!

  • Week 1: Aim to Win – Nov 27 – 30
    The good, the bad, and the ugly of melee throwing 
  • Week 2: I Meant to Do That… – December 4 – 7
    Most entertaining or fortunate mistakes
  • Week 3: Just Got My License December 11 – 14
    Vehicular action at its finest
  • Week 4: Scope Showdown December 18 – 21
    Show off your Win94 skills

How to enter

  • Keep an eye on PUBG channels for each week’s PUBG Awards category.
  • Reply to PUBG’s Challenge post on Twitter or tweet to @PUBG with the following:
    • A link to your 30 second or less publicly posted video
    • The #PUBGAwards2019 and #contest hashtags
    • The weekly hashtag (example: #AimtoWin)
  • Double check that your hashtags are correct – your entry will not be eligible if they’re not!
  • Submit your weekly entry before 9am PST on the Saturday following the Challenge announcement.
  • Check out everyone else’s submissions while the PUBG judges go to work!

For official contest rules, including submission guidelines and regulations, click here or find more information in our FAQ.

If you’re entering from Europe, please visit this page for your contest details instead!


Each week’s category will have over 50 winners, broken down as such:

  • One (1) First Prize Winner
    • An exclusive 2019 PUBG Awards physical trophy
    • An exclusive 2019 PUBG Awards physical t-shirt
    • An exclusive 2019 PUBG Awards in-game t-shirt


  • Five (5) Second Prize Winners
    • An exclusive 2019 PUBG Awards physical t-shirt
    • An exclusive 2019 PUBG Awards in-game t-shirt


  • Fifty (50) Third Prize Winners
    • An exclusive 2019 PUBG Awards in-game t-shirt

Once each week’s winners have been chosen, we will hold a special fan-favorite vote of each week’s first place clips to determine who will take home the prestigious 2019 golden PUBG Award. There’s only one of these bad boys per region, so make sure you bring your A-game!


Week 1: Aim to Win

We’re kicking off the PUBG awards with one of our newest and crazy-play-making-potential features, melee throwing! Submit your 30 second or less clip using the instructions above and the #AimtoWin hashtag before submissions close at 9am PST on Saturday. Your clip can be anything having to do with melee throwing, but remember, we’re judging thrills over skills, so make sure your clip stands out!

We’re wrapping up the year right and celebrating those epic moments that can only happen in PUBG, so submit your best, funniest, or craziest clips today!

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