How Survivors Blasted Through Season 6

Not so long ago, in a world where grocery shopping was not a perilous endeavor, PUBG launched Season 6 and players were introduced to a small, fast-paced dynamo of a map called Karakin. Packed with Sticky Bombs, breach points and building wrecking Black Zones, the map quickly became a fan favorite.


Players also soared to new heights with the arrival of the Motor Glider. This brand new vehicle served as both a nifty way to get around and a means to deliver death from above. For those of you who ended up crashing and burning, don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.

Here’s a breakdown of all the high-flying and explosive mischief players got up to this past season. These are some serious numbers, well done! 


A big, Chicken Dinner-sized thank you to all of our players who dropped in for Season 6. Now is the time to bundle up because we’re taking you back to a new and improved Vikendi for Season 7!

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