Hello Survivors,

Another month, another Dev Update from the Console PUBG team! This month, we wanted to provide the latest updates on topics we touched on in past dev letters.

Let’s dive right in.


In the Console Dev Letter: Performance Mode, we stated that we were working on a “Performance Mode” for the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro that would unlock the framerate cap as well as lower some graphics settings to get as many frames as possible out of these higher-end console devices.

Recently with internal builds, we’re seeing promising results in terms of framerate. But, as we mentioned in the aforementioned dev letter, we want to make sure we have a nice balance between performance and visual quality. To do this, we’ve shifted course a bit and are now working on making changes to the Framerate Priority setting.

Currently, the Framerate Priority setting adjusts the screen resolution to 2560 x 1440. While this does help with providing a slightly more stable framerate when compared to the Resolution Priority setting, we’re planning on changing Framerate Priority to set the resolution to 1920 x 1080. And of course, the new Framerate Priority will have the framerate cap removed. We’re considering removing V-Sync as well, but this may cause screen tearing, so we’ll need a bit more testing before we confirm.

As we mentioned with our internal builds and testing, we’re seeing framerates of up to high 50s at the moment. However, frames still dip quite a bit in certain situations, so even though we do see them max out at pretty decent numbers, a wildly-fluctuating framerate could lead to an overall poor gameplay experience.

These sort of changes can heavily impact gameplay, so we want to release them when we’re confident that they’re at the highest level of quality. Our latest projection for the performance update is October 2020. During this time, we’ll be testing out all sorts of options to mitigate those framerate fluctuations as much as possible.

We know how much higher framerates mean to our players, which makes this one of our biggest priorities. We’ll continue to provide progress updates on the new Framerate Priority in the next Dev Update.

Ranked Mode

We’re aware of unintended situations such as players losing RP after game crashes. The Ranked Mode team is aware of these issues, and they are looking into finding answers for these situations. In the meantime, please keep those reports coming as we’re investigating this issue.


With Update 7.3, we’re happy to say that the implementation of packet encryption was a success in blocking radar hacks. Of course, that doesn’t mean that cheating is fully eradicated from consoles. We’ve been developing a hardware ban solution as well as actively discussing revamping our banning policies so that cheaters receive harsher punishments.

Cheating is an issue that became even more important to us with the addition of Ranked Mode, and you can expect active updates from us on this issue in the months to come.

Custom Match

To our console streamers, content creators, and competition organizers – We’re thankful to have you in our community and we’re happy to let you know that we are making improvements to custom matches.

Starting with Season 8, we’re trying to bring custom match improvements every month. Update 8.1 brought new custom match presets. August 2020 will bring more modes to close the gap with PC even further. In Fall 2020, we plan on bringing custom match observer features that are reworked for consoles.

On top of this, we’re finally working on bringing detailed custom match settings to consoles. You’ll be able to change weapon spawn rates and all that fun stuff. We’re looking to bring this within Season 8 or soon after, after lots of testing and optimizing to ensure that none of these settings cause performance issues.

That’s it for this month’s dev letter! Thanks for reading, we’ll see you in the next one.


See you on the Battlegrounds,

Joon H. Choi, Console Lead Project Manager

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