PUBG to donate $125,000 from PCS Europe Charity Showdown fund to help fight Covid-19

Winners Northern Lights chose to donate to Direct Relief

PCS Europe Charity Showdown

PUBG Corporation is donating $125,000 USD to Direct Relief, the organisation chosen by PCS Europe Charity Showdown champions Northern Lights.

As part of the tournament, PUBG awarded the winning roster the lion’s share of a $100,000 prize pot – and also provided additional funds to be donated to a charity who is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. The original amount was due to be $100,000, and after a round of fan contributions, PUBG Corporation decided to top-up the donation to $125,000.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is funded entirely by charitable donations of goods, services and money. Its main aim is to assist the people who are most vulnerable in our society – with particular focus on those with the fewest financial resources and little access to healthcare.

Direct Relief mobilizes resources – including essential medications and basic healthcare commodities – and provides them free of charge to their extensive network of locally run partner organisations.

As part of its Covid-19 response, Direct Relief is working hard to ensure that frontline healthcare workers receive significant support – this means providing doctors and nurses across the world with vital medical supplies and personal protective equipment. They are also collaborating with a number of global disease epidemiologists, technology companies and public agencies to use aggregated mobility data to support the worldwide Covid-19 response.

When commenting on the charity, Northern Lights players Dmytro ‘Perfect1ks’ Dubeniuk, Yaroslav ‘spyrro’ Kuvichko, Kirill ‘The_Deep_’ Lukianov and Alexandr ‘BatulinS’ Batulin said they are impressed with the impact Direct Relief is making.

Batulins said: “We are of course living in a very strange and scary time right now, so naturally we were keen to donate the money to an organisation that we thought could make a difference. Having looked into it, we are really impressed with all the fantastic work Direct Relief is doing. They’re looking after the people on the frontline, the people we are all relying on so much right now. That is such an important service, and we are delighted to be able to help out with the prize money from the PCS Europe Charity Showdown.”

To keep up with the latest Northern Lights news, you can visit their Twitter or Instagram channels.

PUBG Corporation will also be donating to charities chosen by the winners of other regional PCS Charity Showdown tournaments in NA, APAC and Asia.

For more information on PUBG esports please visit the official Europe site. Alternatively, you can follow the Instagram and Twitter pages.

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