NA Server Relocation - December 2020

Hello Survivors,

Last month we ran tests in various regions in the US to find a server location that would provide the best network conditions for the greatest number of players. The results are in, so let’s go over where the servers will move to, and when it will happen.


Time and date: Starting after server maintenance for Update 10.1

Location: Iowa, USA


Time and date: December 16 9:00 PM PST, December 17 12:00 AM EST

Location: Iowa, USA

Yes, you heard us right. The server relocation is happening for both console and PC! While we ran our tests with our console servers, our data showed that the most ideal server location for consoles would be most ideal for our PC players too.

So why Iowa then? We’re working with certain server providers, and thus have a set number of locations that we can choose from. While Iowa might not be exactly in the middle of the continent, it is not only pretty close, but the way the Iowa servers are connected to the backbone network is the best among all the locations that we’ve tested. This resulted in Iowa bringing the best numbers in terms of ping, packet loss, etc. for players from the West Coast to the East.

We’ll be monitoring closely to make sure our servers are running smoothly after the move. We know data doesn’t always show the complete picture though, so please tell us about your experiences on console once the servers have moved!

See you on the Battlegrounds,



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