Season 10 - Now Live!

2020 is drawing to a close, but there's still time for one more big content drop with Season 10’s first patch, Update 10.1

2020 is drawing to a close, but there’s still time for one more big content drop with Season 10’s first patch, Update 10.1.

Dive into a new kind of Battleground with Haven, a small urban industrial island with something far deadlier on its streets than Survivors like you. With the Pillar Scout Helicopter and Tactical Truck seeking you out on the streets and Guards and Commanders protecting valuable equipment in the buildings, you’ll have to use the Emergency Parachute to navigate from rooftops to alleys, and weave through tunnels and buildings to stay a step ahead. Making it through the night on the streets of Haven means following one simple manta; Hide, Seek, Survive.

The start of this update means that Ranked Season 10 has begun as well! This season brings some updates to how RP is calculated along with sweet new exclusive rewards for your performance. You can check out the new rewards in the patch notes.

Survivor Pass: Breakthrough pulls awesome new looks right from PUBG lore, offering you duds from the Sanhok Four and Pillar’s elite mercenary squad. There’s plenty of great Haven-themed skins to unlock along with G-Coin and other bonuses, so pick up the Pass and start earning your rewards!

There’s plenty more in Update 10.1, including Preset Costume Slots, a new Medal Mastery system, visual updates to Sanhok, custom Team Deathmatch loadouts, and more. You can check out the Update 10.1 Patch Notes for full details. For now, Grab that Emergency Chute and initiate that deadly game of Hide and Seek to Survive the night in Haven.

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