Hello survivors!

Thank you for your continuous support towards PUBG in the New Year. In return for your support, we are bringing several changes with update 10.2 to provide an improved inventory management experience.

We had some concerns when proceeding with this project. One of the biggest problems was that many of our players were familiar with the current inventory system. However, as previously mentioned, we have made improvements to provide a better inventory environment with minimal changes causing less confusion.

Let’s dive in!

Inventory UX Issues

The current PUBG console inventory UX can be awkward in terms of its experience. We’ve been collecting your feedback for some time and have researched ways to reduce inconveniences.

For example, the current inventory supports moving up/down between slots with the D-pad. However, it doesn’t allow you to move left/right. Also, the weapons and attachments are separated into different tabs which increases the weapon change steps. It also made it inconvenient to move to the attachment tab to mount/dismount attachments and change slots.

These are just a couple of examples which represent the inconveniences of the current inventory system.

What We Want to Achieve

What we want to achieve through this inventory improvement project is as follows:

First, improve the inventory slot specification to increase the ease of navigating your inventory. Maximum visible slots are limited to 14, and other sections will remain the same as the current inventory.

Second, we want to add the movement/adjustment feature to allow players to select the desired item from the inventory faster and easier. This feature will allow you to quickly return to battle by selecting and applying the desired items much quicker than before.

We are also fully aware of concerns about controller sensitivity. The movement sensitivity may be a little awkward at first, as you can move freely above/below and left/right. To help players adapt to the new system, we have added the new configuration option, which allows you to adjust the inventory controller’s sensitivity.

Changes Made

Following are the changes made through this inventory improvement project.

We pursued a UI layout tailored to the console game environment and optimized the UX.

  • Changes in UI
    • Removed the character rendering image.
    • Applied animation to provide feedback on actions such as equipping/removing weapon/attachments.
    • Fixed the location of the tool-tip pop-up display.
  • Changes in UX
    • Applied grid movement.
    • Reduced the steps required for changing weapons.
    • R stick: Made improvements allowing you to use it similar to a mouse.
  • Inventory navigation
    • D-pad up-down/left-right navigation.
      • Greater flexibility in navigating between tabs in grid form.
      • When navigating left-right, your selection will navigate to the nearest tab, and if there are none, it will be directed to the very bottom of the column.
      • Navigate up-down/left-right with the R stick.
  • Changing weapon slot and attachment improvement
    • Integrating weapon/attachment slot.
      • Select attachment and weapon option from the weapon status.
        • Attachment – tap/weapon – hold.
    • Reduce the number of steps required to change weapon slots
      • A step has been removed, allowing you to change weapon slots quickly.
  • Weapon images
    • Improved visibility by adjusting the outline and image size of the weapon images.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback on the changes we’ve made to help us improve your inventory management experience.

See you on the battlegrounds!

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