Survivor Pass Season 10 - End of Season Details

Hello Survivors!

Season 10 is just about over, meaning there’s precious little time for you to finish up with your Survivor Pass: Breakthrough missions! Exact information on Season end dates can be found in the article below, so read on and plan accordingly.

In addition, next season’s Survivor Pass will follow a different schedule than before, so be sure to check out the full article for more information.

Survivor Pass Season 10 End & Grace Period

As before, there are two important dates to take note of for the Season end. First, the end of the Survivor Pass progress, which means that missions can no longer be completed. Secondly, is the end of the reward claim grace period, which determines how long you have to claim all the rewards you earned in your pass before they’re gone forever. Here are both of those dates:

Season 10 End Date (Survivor Pass progress ends):
PC: March 24 before the live server maintenance
Console: April 1 before the live server maintenance

Survivor Pass Grace Period End Date:
PC: Grace period ends on March 31
Console: Grace period ends on April 8

Claiming Rewards

To claim any remaining rewards, look for the “Claim All” button before the Grace Period ends. Once the Grace Period date passes, these rewards are gone forever, so be sure to take some time after the season ends and pick up everything you’ve unlocked!

Updated Survivor Pass Schedule

Starting with Season 11, Survivor Passes will no longer be exclusively tied to the season itself. Instead, they will run on their own timelines and have their own start and end schedules independent of the season. We’ll have more information on the next Survivor Pass later on, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates.

Level-Up Coupons

We plan on your unused Level-up coupons still being usable in the next pass. Unused Level-up coupons can also be refunded according to PUBG’s refund policy. To inquire if your unused Level-up coupons are eligible, please contact the PUBG Player Support Center.

There’s still a little time left to earn your Survivor Pass: Breakthrough rewards, so hop in game and start unlocking! We’ll be back with more information on upcoming Survivor Passes soon.

Thanks and we’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!

–The PUBG Team

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