Console UX Changes

Hello Survivors!

Since the introduction of PUBG on console devices via Xbox in December 2017, PUBG UX has made several major and minor improvements through 1.0 and PlayStation releases in 2018 and Stadia’s launch in 2019. The reason we want to keep improving is to make it more suitable for the console environment.  However, no matter how positive these improvements are, we fully understand that the new UX requires getting used to for players who are already familiar with the existing UX.

Therefore, we are extra cautious when delivering UX updates.  Through this announcement, we will explain the current problems of UX and what we want to achieve through the new UX.  Also, we would like to hear your feedback and apply it to the new UX that will be released with the 11.2 update.

The new UX will be released in the Store and Pass UX improvements with the 11.2 update.  Then, we will introduce additional UX improvements through the 12.1 update and continuous improvements along the second half of the year to optimize the system.

Outline & Issues

The current UI/UX lacked consistency in navigation, key bindings, display of key guides, and visual design even when they had similar needs or functioned similarly.  Furthermore, we are aware that PUBG players play other games, and they expect certain controls to behave in a certain way.

For example, players expect their action to be canceled when pressing a specific button, and they know how their navigation selection will move in a particular direction. However, we found some actions were not functioning as intended.

Directions & Objectives

We understand that the factors mentioned above can confuse players to learn the lobby’s overall functionality, so we want to achieve the system improvements according to precise rules.

We want to make improvements in the following directions:

  • Set the importance according to the function’s needs and apply the key adjustments and binding based on that data.
  • Unify the navigation system to provide a convenient and consistent navigation experience.
  • Improve the key guide display in a way it doesn’t affect the system’s consistency.
  • Improve UI design so that the players can easily predict the operation’s outcome and see the information quickly.

New UX: Pass & Store

Store and pass key bindings will be updated first as they can be used immediately.

  • Unified the zoom-in/out function to the R-stick Tap for previews in the Store and the Pass.
    • We are planning to unify most of the modeling-related keys with the R-stick.
  • Changed the preview key to the A(X) button in the Store.
    • We thought there was a need to preview the items before making the purchase. Therefore, give higher priority to the preview feature.
  • Changed the purchase confirming button from the Store and the G-coin purchase button to A(X) from the previous hold to confirm the purchase
    • This was to eliminate the inconvenience of having to press and holding the button to purchase.
  • Added and item quantity selection setting to the Store
    • You will be able to increase and decrease the quantity of the items you wish to purchase using R-stick.
  • Changes in Pass Key Binding
    • Changed the lobby Pass banner button to (Hold)View(touchpad hold).
    • Changed the “Receive all items” button to (Hold)View(touchpad hold).
      • We will continue to explore the best optimized key binding. Your feedback is highly valued.

We plan to introduce the enhanced UX from the 11.2 update and continue making improvements using your feedback.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to our Player Support.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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