Console UX Changes (2)

Hello Survivors!

Last April, we released an article regarding changes to the pass and store UX. Thanks to the feedback you shared, we were able to continue to make improvements.

We learned a lot from applying these UX changes to the game. First, even with a functionally improved update, changes in the in-game experience may require a period of adaptation. Second, we know it is important to provide an option to choose between the previous and new controls for players who are familiar with the traditional controls.

We will provide options to select between the previous and the new controls for all in-game control updates in the future.

Please check out the details below.

Second Iteration

Key Binding Changes

Priority was given to minimize the burden of getting used to the changes to the existing controls. As a result of receiving multiple feedback on the changes to the controls, we wanted to minimize the adaptation period.

  • Consistent key bindings and controls have been applied to functions commonly used in multiple menus.
  • We applied controls that match the general expectations of the keys provided by the pad.
    • We bound frequently used features to the four main face buttons.
    • The operation of buttons that are less frequently used, such as pressing the stick or the touchpad, was applied to give or avoid the use of functions with low priority.

Unification of the Navigation System

We’ve improved this to make navigating tabs and lists easier to reflect feedback that it was difficult to navigate.

  • A, B (Xbox/Stadia), Cross, Circle (PS) can be used to move between the upper tab and the lower list.
  • When multiple movements are required, hold and move are supported.
  • We applied dual controls with L-stick/D-pad (Xbox/Stadia) and L3/D-pad (PS).
  • We changed the focus selection to continue looping when navigating the upper and lower menus (GNB/LNB).

Key Guide Display Improvements

There were cases where traditional key guides lacked consistency in some situations. The new Key Guide has been improved to make it easier for players to learn how to operate and prioritize functions while keeping the system consistent.

  • Most of the key guides for focusable items have been moved to the lower left.
  • Changed the order of placement of key guides according to the priority of the functions provided by the feature.
  • Improved system consistency by moving the key guide to the bottom left of the screen.
    • Exception: R-stick key-related operations have key guides placed inside selectable items to make the operation easier to recognize.
  • Modify key guide labels
    • Labels have been simplified to improve readability.
    • Labels have been unified so that they’re not displayed differently despite the similar function.
    • Key guides were added to locations where they were missing, and unnecessary key guides were removed.

UI design Improvements

We have made it easier to recognize which direction the controller selection is moving, and it is now easier to distinguish the information that is being focused on.

  • Focus design improvements
    • When navigating in the upper tab, the inside and outline of the tab are colored.
    • When the focus passes to another navigation group, only the internal color is applied to indicate the tab is selected.
    • Sub-items often contain important information, so we designed this information to be better visible.

We look forward to your feedback on our second iteration of UX improvements which will be introduced in update 12.1.

Thanks again for the feedback you provided.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to our Player Support.  We look forward to hearing from you.

PUBG Team.

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