Hello everyone,

This is a friendly reminder that Survivor Pass: Wild Card and Survival Title Season 2 has nearly come to an end.

Make sure to take full advantage  before it’s over!

Survivor Pass: Wild Card

  • Pass End Date:  August 5, 10PM PDT / August 6, 7AM CEST
    • If you purchased the Premium Pass but still haven’t activated it, please make sure to navigate to the ‘MY ITEMS’ section under ‘STORE’, select the item and click on ‘USE ITEM’ before the pass ends.
  • Premium Pass and Level Up Tickets available until: August 5, 1AM PDT / 10AM CEST
    • Please note that unused Level Up Tickets are usable with the next Survivor Pass.
  • For more details, please check the Xbox Update #9 / PS4 Update #6 patch notes.

Survival Title Season 2

  • Season 2 End Date: When Live server maintenance begins on August 12 6PM PDT / August 13 3AM CEST
    • Season 2 rewards will be distributed when you log in after the live maintenance ends.

See you on the battlegrounds!

PUBG Console Team

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