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One of our core missions is to provide the most optimal matchmaking environment for players from all regions. However, maintaining healthy matchmaking times is just as important when it comes to the gameplay experience, and we are continuously trying to find a balance in our approach to matchmaking.

In order to maintain the overall health of matchmaking on the OC and AS servers for consoles, we’re planning to merge their servers.

After consideration and analysis on many factors such as matchmaking pools of each region, geological locations, and quality of the server, we have finalized the options into three locations. We will be carrying out two weeks of test periods for all players in OC and AS, and will decide the merged server location based on ping and matchmaking data as well as player feedback.

The details about the test is as follows:

1st Test Period


  • PST: November 20th 6:00PM – 27th 6:00PM
  • CET: November 21st 3:00AM – 27th 3:00AM
  • AEDT: November 21st 1:00PM – 28th 1:00PM


  • OC/AS server location will be set to Tokyo

2nd Test Period


  • PST: November 27th 6:00PM – December 4th 6:00PM
  • CET: November 28th 3:00AM – December 5th 3:00AM
  • AEDT: November 28th 1:00PM – December 5th 1:00PM


  • OC/AS server locations are set to Singapore and Hong Kong
    • Players will be randomly placed into one of two servers each session

Your feedback is the most important factor for our decision making, so we hope you’ll jump in to help us test during these periods. We look forward to reading your feedback and reports.


PUBG Console Team

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