The BFE Report: Sneak-Peeking Vikendi

Season 7 and Cold Front are just around the corner and the chills are real!

This past week in PUBG saw the earliest pieces of Season 7 hit the test server and for the thousands of players with access, it’s morning in Vikendi again. The changes to the landscape and towns means there are new places to hide and engage, in some cases, and dangerous new open spaces to navigate in others. Mostly familiar but more dangerous is the vibe.


Can’t Wait

While Season 7 doesn’t officially open until 4/21, when players can get the full experience of the remixed battleground, somehow final verdicts are already etched in stone, dipped in bronze, and time-capsuled for future generations to ponder.


Bullets vs. Lasers

Also, battle royale’s finest players showed off their rigs this week…and it was glorious. Now we know who to ask when it comes time to upgrade the sub-basement at PUBG regional headquarters.


Closing Season 6/Opening Up Season 7

Karakin will live on but Season 6, from whence it came, will soon be no more. We’ll be dropping some data points about Season 6 next week, one of which tracked in the billions, which is just awesome on via the transitive property. And to tantalize and titillate everybody for Season 7, there’s this:



The Phase Ahead

Vikendi and Cold Front and Dinoland and trains become your thumbs’ reasons for existing.

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