Is the Jerry Can the Most Versatile Item in PUBG Now?

It burns, explodes, and makes you think twice at every turn.

Update 5/21/20: The Jerry Can will not be updated as described below in the 7.2 Update to PUBG. We’re leaving the original text and references in place to reflect the original context on the initial post date of 5/14/20.

With the upgrades to the Jerry Can in Update 7.2, the humble fuel can become so much more than a way to gas up your Motor Glider before a quick flight. You could already cause a massive explosion by shooting a filled gas can but now wannabe demolition experts and pyromaniacs in PUBG can take full advantage of the physical and chemical properties of petrol to create all kinds of havoc.

Dinos with Jerry Cans

Hot Like Fire

Now that the gas in a Jerry Can is going to behave like gas all the time, this means everything and everywhere that fuel touches can burn, regardless of how it got there. Oh, and Jerry Cans apparently have no lids or closure mechanisms. They’re just open. All the time. So, this is why pouring gas in a location of your choosing or a little bit of fuel spilling out from a thrown Jerry Can will be so dangerous in the 7.2 Update.

Whether it’s from an active fire or the aftermath of an explosion, the damage rate from Jerry Can fire is the same as a Molotov, but Jerry Can-fueled fire will burn longer. The only safety mechanism, if you want to call it that, is that spilled fuel from a Jerry Can will evaporate after a few minutes.

The ability to freely deploy flammable liquid in one’s vicinity is the exclusive domain of the Jerry Can now. Grenades, Molotovs, C4, and such can do explosions and set fires (including to Jerry Can fuel) but there’s only one way to control “fire juice” with precision.

Set Traps like C4

Running into a building and scurrying to the top floor as enemies bear down on your location can be done with a bit more confidence if you have a full Jerry Can in your inventory. If any of your opponents have read this post, they’ll know they only have to wait three minutes or so before the fuel you’ve strategically spilled around building (read: stairs) evaporates harmlessly. Just like that, you’ve instantly bought yourself three minutes to figure out a plan, or, in the worst-case scenario of aggressive opponents storming the building, spring a trap with a huge margin of error. A grenade or C4 are already good solutions in this scenario, but an explosive device that only has to ignite a nearly invisible pool of gas to punish enemies is close to a no-lose proposition. Plus, unlike other traps where you have to watch and wait, igniting spilled fuel will bring the action to you when burning opponents come running like panicky little marshmallows at s’mores time.

Control Crowds like Molotov

The burning effect of a Molotov delivers one of the most disruptive attacks in PUBG. On screen effects aside, dealing with damage over time is tough for even the sturdiest veteran of the battlegrounds. Deploying this effect for even longer using Jerry Can fuel should give everybody pause. Entering any room that has a Jerry Can laying on its side could be one of the most dangerous scenarios in the game now with savvy players using psychological pressure to their advantage. What if there’s a crate next to it? What if the Jerry Can is actually empty? What if only one window in the room has been smashed? The cost-benefit analysis of being somewhere with active Jerry Cans just got a lot trickier.

The Jerry Can’s versatility hinges on one’s preference for fire as an effective tool on the battleground. But if you like dealing damage over time (for a loooong time), setting traps, and scaring players into/out of spaces for fear of traps, the Jerry Can is 5+ gallons of mayhem waiting to happen.

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