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TexasBoostin introduces us to his teammates, his philosophy, and his love for Texas in this Community Spotlight.

His handle is TexasBoostin. He’s a competitive, casual, fun loving official PUBG Partner from Houston. He is bringing his special Texas flavor of passion and positivity to our console community. Tex produces content to appeal to both casual and competitive PUBG players. He is also known as the “Kustom King” due to his unique custom matches that promote casual, goofy fun. He formed his own dream stream team known as Team Thumbless and founded a space for competitive console players to compete with Console Stream League. With all this stuff under his belt, we are fortunate that Tex took the time to chat with us!


PUBG: How did your journey with PUBG begin?

TB: I first discovered PUBG on my Xbox while Kabby (a fellow Mixer streamer) was streaming it on a main feature slot for Mixer. I remember putting down everything I was doing and staring at the screen in my garage. While loving the actual streamer and the content he was creating, I figured out it was the immersive game I was watching that drew me in. When I learned this was a PC game I was disheartened that my console loving thumbs would never get to roam the battlegrounds of PUBG. About three months after finding PUBG and Kabby’s content, I saw the announcement! “PUBG IS COMING TO XBOX!” After the release I quickly realized this is a great game and could grow into one of the BEST!

PUBG: How did Team Thumbless assemble?

TB: I was watching Mixer’s PUBG HypeZone trying to get tips and tricks for the new BR I just picked up and I saw this player named RBB Cudi. He had AMAZING gun skill but pretty much zero stream presence. I approached Cudi and his duo teammate SKT GaGa and asked them about professional streaming. Cudi’s response was “I’m in the British Army” and GaGa’s was “I have streamed on Twitch before.” Watching these guys slay every single battleground with over 15 wins a day really sparked my interest in competitive PUBG on console. After a month of setting up Cudi and GaGa’s streams, we came together and decided to make the professional stream team called Team Thumbless. I was appointed team manager and decided to grow TT into what it is today. That led to the meeting of PlayerUnknown himself at a steakhouse in San Antonio, Texas for the PUBG Partner meeting at Pax South in Jan of 2019! We all loved his presence and great sense of humor! 

PUBG: Let’s talk about Console Stream League, what is it and what was your motivation behind it?

TB: I began adding amazing talent to our team and developing new quality streamers and about six months in I announced CSL: Console Stream League. A league designed to find the best talent on PUBG that was streaming. We ran one pre season and four incredible full month seasons. I wrote my very own “SUPERC” ruleset where I asked PUBG for permission to use their “S.U.P.E.R.” ruleset used in the PGI series. I added some console rules and structure and ended up with the “SUPERC” (C for CONSOLE). It was amazingly successful and I wanted to continue to give great players a safe and fun place to play and prove their skills. 

PUBG: Why does your home state of Texas have such a big influence on your streaming identity? 

TB: Please see – “Deep in the Heart of Texas” – by Moe Bandy. Born and raised in Houston I have lived in Texas for the past three decades. Through the trials and tribulations Texans have endured unforeseen circumstances and have always pulled together and worked as one. Texans have taught me that as a group we are stronger together. When I think about my community I think of us as one unit that all want to help each other achieve their goals. Together anything is possible, I am proud to call Texas my home. #HoustonStrong.

PUBG: What is something you hope your viewers gain from watching you? 

TB: WELLLLL my stream is a bit different than others. We are more like a midnight dance club than a pro shooter stream. People find my stream and see us playing weird community games and promoting PUBG as a creative game rather than a battle royale. PUBG allows me to put a spin on it and create funny or exciting custom games. What I want people to take away from my stream is that video games are FUN.


Thanks to Texas Boostin for taking the time to tell his story. If you’re interested in supporting Tex’s PUBG content, be sure to login to your PUBG account and input his creator tag: texasboostin into our Creator Appreciation Program database (currently in beta). You’ll send a portion of your in-game purchases to Texas Boostin when you support him through the C.A.P. 

Want to see Tex in action? Catch his streams on and give him a follow on social media @TexasBoostin. 

Stay tuned for more interviews with our partners and community members!

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