Julie’s Kar98: No Assembly Required

Conquer the new Sanhok with fully-loaded “confiscated weapons.”

It has been the way of battle royale that weapons on the Battleground are bare bones, and if you’re lucky, you manage to loot useful attachments that correspond to what you have. Given its tight confines, the remixed jungles of Sanhok are an even bigger adrenaline rush, and with the new map features, you’re really on borrowed time to find suitable firepower as soon your feet hit the ground.

Meet Julie’s Kar98. Pre-configured with a suppressor, 6x scope and the Bullet Loop attachment, you’ll instantly be ready to take up a position among those high-altitude vantage points on Sanhok. Not wasting time scraping and scrounging for useful attachments should lead to more time engaging enemies with one of the most capable rifles in the game. Plus you’ll look like the edgy badass you’ve always wanted to be while doing it.

With guns like this featured in Season 8, PUBG is introducing another first for battle royale players: a collection of unique “confiscated weapons” that come kitted-out with attachments that should maximize a weapon’s potential playstyle. They’re each branded with skins fashioned by their previous users and only available on the new Sanhok.

At this point we imagine you have questions. Who even is Julie? Why does her Kar98 look like that? What other kinds of confiscated weapons are we getting in Season 8? Where can I find them? Who were these weapons confiscated from? What are these people doing on this island anyway? These are all valid questions, and Season 8 will answer most of them in due time. For now, here’s a freebie: that’s not Julie in these screenshots.

For now, all we’ll tell you about Julie’s Kar98 and the other confiscated weapons is ask the question: what are those ominous-looking armored trucks doing rumbling around the new Sanhok?

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