It's Open Season On Loot Trucks

Shhhhhh, be very, very quiet, we’re hunting Loot Trucks. Just kidding, you’ll wanna pop Loot Trucks like heavily armored piñatas, the louder the better.

Season 8 has delivered a whole new Sanhok where the jungle has taken over and all new dangers await. There is one critter you’ll be very happy to encounter, an armor plated truck making its way on the dirt roads with a VERY tempting payload, otherwise known as a Loot Truck. Taking one of these out comes with a big payoff.

While the Loot Truck is a large metal beast, it can be tough to track because its trajectory is completely random. A few things you can know for sure is that Loot Trucks are not off road vehicles, they will stick to the dirt roads on Sanhok. If one happens to cross your path, you’ll want to act fast. These trucks are bound to draw a lot of attention, you won’t be the only one looking for a Loot Truck score. These trucks will be like moving hot spots so watch your back. You could opt to be sneaky and let the other guys take out the truck before you swoop in and claim the rewards of all their hard work.

Once you have a truck in your sights it’s time to light it up! Any ammo will do, however the bigger the better (The Panzerfaust is very efficient). You can also stop the truck in its tracks with a spike trap. Here’s a look at some Loot Truck hunting action:


You’ll notice as you start to assault the truck that crates will tumble out. Those are not just for decoration, those things are LOADED with goodies. Keep up your assault on the truck until it explodes and you’ll find yourself a confiscated weapon. These weapons are fully equipped and customized, there are four unique confiscated weapons, each a reflection of their mysterious previous users.

It will be interesting to see what sort of effect the Loot Truck will have on Sanhok gameplay. Looking forward to those clips!

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