Season 7 Was Off The Rails

Taking A Look Back At Season 7 Stats

Season 7 had survivors all aboard for brand new adventures on a remastered Vikendi that came with new destinations, features, weapons and a mysterious backstory. 

Survivors looking for a hot dropping good time landed on Dinoland, Vikendi’s hottest new attraction. At one time this prehistoric theme park was a family friendly cash cow for the previous owners of Vikendi, the Lindh family. That all changed when their mascot Alex The T-Rex went the way of the dinosaurs by getting run over by a train. 

Speaking of trains, Season 7 brought Vikendi’s rail system back online and moving allowing survivors to give their legs a break and take in the view. The train became the stage for some truly epic showdowns never seen before on PUBG. 

C4 made the journey from the warm shores of Karakin to the chilly peaks of Vikendi with a new trick up its sleeve; now you could throw it. Throwable C4 became an instant fan favorite allowing survivors to get creative with their traps and improvise on the fly with a highly effective explosive.The Mosin Nagant was launched just in time for those who wanted to socially distance themselves while dominating the battleground. This high powered long-range rifle provided plenty of enemy eliminating opportunities from a VERY safe distance. 

One of our biggest and most ambitious new features this season was Ranked Mode. We wanted to create a place for serious players to measure and improve their skills. The launching of Ranked Mode required creating a whole other in-game habitat that was built with detailed stat tracking and player feedback in mind.

Looking at the report, we feel it’s safe to say you had a great time tearing up the new Vikendi. A tip of the hat to everyone who dropped in and made their mark. We can’t wait to check the stats for Season 8!

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