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Misdirect Enemies With Decoy Grenades

To truly master Battle Royale, one has to fine tune their senses, seeing is a given, but hearing is just as vital to survival. A finely tuned surround sound headset is great, but what good is that when you can’t trust your ears?  Now you can throw a wrench in your enemy’s tactics with a new means of misdirection thanks to Decoy Grenades. 

Recognizable by its bright yellow casing, this grenade lets you know right off the bat it’s made to cause a ruckus. The Decoy Grenade creates auditory chaos by projecting a realistic sound of gunfire for ten seconds that is bound to get a reaction. Predicting an opponent’s reaction will require some experimentation. Some may be inclined to run, while others who are looking for a fight might be attracted to the noise. They’re also a great strategy for covering the sound of your movements for close quarters combat. Also consider using Decoy Grenades in combination with Smoke Grenades to execute a one-two punch of visual and audio disruption.

With everyone second guessing what they’re hearing, this tiny little yellow menace could have tremendous impact on engagements in PUBG. We’d love to see what tricks you have up your sleeve using Decoy Grenades. Share with us on social media!

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