Quality Time With QBZ

Interview With PUBG Partner QBZ

Family man, funny man, official PUBG Partner Streaming man, meet QBZ. He believes laughter is the best medicine and he brings the good times and laughs by the truck load with an infectious laugh and wild custom games. He aims to entertain and provide viewers escape from the everyday grind. 

We are fortunate that QBZ managed to pencil us in between family, work, and streaming to have a heart to heart chat.  

PUBG: How did PUBG hook you and what made you stay?

QBZ: I was a guy that played Gears of War a lot and then battle royale took the gaming world by storm, but PUBG was so unique and took me back to my Gears days because I got the same rush. When you get in a gun battle for the first time, your heart is pumping nervously, especially when you’re not comfortable using the mouse and keyboard. When I’m in the top ten my heart is beating outside my chest because it’s just me and someone else. There’s no other game like it. I compare PUBG to Gears because in the beginning not everyone could just pick it up, the learning curve is steep. You have to practice, practice, practice to get better. This game has its high and low moments but it’s so addictive because you can come so close and lose it so quickly. I love the dynamic of the game and there’s so many ways to play, you can be serious or get real goofy. From skilled players to non-skilled players everyone has their own way of winning. That’s what makes it unique for me and what makes me stick around.

PUBG: Using just three words, describe your streams.

QBZ: Hilarious. Positive. Entertaining

PUBG: What inspires you to stream?

QBZ: I stream to make others laugh and bring them joy when watching the stream. I preach positivity every stream for those who need to come by the stream to get laughs, to get away from life for a brief moment. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I grew up watching Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, and Chris Tucker. Laughter is the best medicine and I stand by that. Depression is real and I want those going through it to come through and be able to let loose and laugh.

PUBG: How do you maintain a balance between your personal life and streaming life?

QBZ: It’s hard, I have a wife and three kids so my schedule is limited. I try to just stream three days a week and some late nights on weekends so I can have family time. I have a full-time job as well. My goal is to become a full time streamer so then my time with my family will be more and my​ career would be doing something I love.  

PUBG: What about PUBG has you excited right now?

QBZ: Sanhok 2.0 is amazing, although sometimes I get confused where I am, it’s like a brand new map. I have been using the new gun, the MG3 and that thing is a monster especially at 900bpm. I am loving where things are going for this game and wonder what’s next.

PUBG: What PUBG map would you declare yourself the mayor of and why?

QBZ: Erangel because it’s the OG map. I’ve spent so much time on that map from the old version to the newest version, it will always be home. Dropping at military or school and going for quick kills always gets me warmed up for the rest of the game. 

You can find QBZ’s streams on Twitch and make sure to put in his creator code (qbz24) to give him a boost of extra support!

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