Legend of the Battlegrounds Bride

Character Highlight: Sadiya Qureshi

The winner of the battle royale that took place on Karakin is one of legend. She was a young woman who slaughtered her enemies mercilessly to gain battle royale victory all while wearing the remains of a wedding gown. That deadly battle bride was Sadiya Qureshi.

Sadiya was born on Karakin, an island that was home to a very profitable smuggling operation. Sadiya’s father, Amir Qureshi, ran the island and its private security force, the Tenebres. Amir also established a successful textile business to act as a cover for his illegal operations. However the smuggling world was unpredictable and full of extremely dangerous characters. When Amir learned Sadiya was getting married, he concluded it was time to get out of the business and sell the island. Amir found a very interested buyer known only as The Russian who happened to pay in gold bars. Once the Tenebres got wind of the sale, they were furious with Amir and plotted revenge.

Meanwhile, Sadiya had been planning her wedding on Karakin without knowing about the transaction her father made. Sadiya was looking into her fiance’s eyes, about to say “I do” when her future husband was shot to death.

The Tenebres launched a full assault on the wedding as revenge and captured Amir and Sadiya. They interrogated Amir to make him disclose who he sold the island to. It was then that Sadiya learned that The Russian acquired Karakin for his battle royale game and the winner could ask for anything, and The Russian would oblige. Amir did not survive his injuries from the Tenebres and before they could execute Sadiya, the island’s NEW owner had arrived with his own armed forces. 

The Russian assured Sadiya that he would honor the deal between him and her father and that the gold was hers. She was free to walk away, but Sadiya was not satisfied with that arrangement. She had lost her father, her home and the love of her life all on her wedding day. What neither her father nor The Russian could understand was Sadiya’s dedication and love for her home. In a flurry of heartbreak and rage she declared she wanted to play the battle royale game on Karakin and requested that if she won, the island would be hers. The Russian agreed to these terms.

Sadiya donned her ruined wedding dress one more time and stepped onto the plane, ready to drop into the deadliest game known to humankind. Having home field advantage allowed her to eliminate even the most menacing of foes on the battleground.

She emerged victorious and as promised, she was awarded Karakin. What she has done since remains a mystery. However there are rumors that her interest in battle royale has increased and her connection to The Russian remains intact.      

See the full story of what happened to Sadiya and Karakin by watching the motion comics on YouTube 

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