PUBG Season 9 Preview

Get Ready To Discover Paramo

Forget What You Know

Nothing about Season 9 will be business as usual. To start, the runtime will only be two months long and in that time we plan to make a major impact on what you THINK you know about Battle Royale and PUBG. Big changes include a special event mode with an all new map and two different passes exclusive to Season 9. 

Is This Map Playing Tricks On Me?

Hidden among the clouds is the mysterious and treacherous plateau of Paramo. Home to untold secrets and a very active volcano. This small-scale map will be a true game changer with dynamic lava flows and locations that will change every time you drop in. Speaking of dropping in, getting to Paramo will be a unique experience as it is only accessible by helicopter. Choppers will perform the dual responsibility of dropping off combatants as well as distributing care packages. Now if you don’t like waiting to find out where that package is gonna land, you can take matters into your own hands and shoot it down.

This unique gameplay experience will be an active event mode throughout Season 9. Paramo is also steeped in rich history that’s worth digging into. We recommend heading to our new official lore site and signing up for updates about Paramo and so much more. For now, here’s a little tease:

Did You Say TWO Passes?

You read that right. Season 9 will launch with Update 9.1 which will come with a Season Pass that will feel familiar. When you purchase the pass, you will gain access to earn exclusive rewards. The Season 9 Pass will be dedicated to the rich culture and aesthetic of Paramo. However this pass has been modified to accommodate for the shortened season. The second pass will launch with Update 9.2 and will be focused on an infamous PUBG character.  

Can you master a map that is ever changing? You’ll soon find out. Season 9 drops October 21 on PC and October 29 on console.

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