Kick Up Some Dirt

Dirt Bikes Are Here!

We are pleased to welcome a new means of transportation on PUBG, the two wheel terror that is the dirt bike! With the exception of Karakin, survivors will find dirt bikes spawned on every map. They can also be used in custom matches and training mode. Perfect for lone wolf solo players as the dirt bikes only have room for one but nothing looks cooler than coming to save your squad on a sweet bike.

Turn on A Dime

Dirt bike acceleration is no joke, being able to reach speeds up to 130km/h you can get where you need to go in record time. Mind your speed and master handbraking to take advantage of the dirt bike’s superior maneuverability. Being able to make those tight turns will come in handy in urban and close quarters combat on small maps. The dirt bike also comes with off-road suspension allowing you to travel freely on any terrain on any map.

Go Hollywood

If you name any acclaimed action movie director, chances are they directed a scene involving someone shooting a firearm at their enemy while hauling ass on a two-wheeled speed machine. If this is a fantasy you have always wanted to live out, but are not interested in getting arrested, we got you! We have introduced new mechanics that support sidearm firing and reloading while driving vehicles. This includes dirt bikes, so we are ready and waiting for you to show us your clips of you whipping that bike around and taking out your enemies like a proper tinseltown star.

Motocross Is a Whole Mood

If you want to look legit when you snag a dirt bike, we’ve got new skins coming on November 18. There will be four sets with 15 individual items available that encompass an authentic motocross vibe.

Dirt bikes will be available with Update 9.2 which goes live November 18 and then you can all go crazy and tear up these battlegrounds!

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