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Season 10 Preview

Season 9 was a game changing season, but it was just the beginning. Season 10 is pushing the limits of what can be done by adding whole new dimensions to the PUBG experience. Get ready for a new map and revolutionary new ways to play. Are you ready for the Battlegrounds to fight back?

A Decaying Island

Once upon a time, a quaint island was a testament to the golden era of industrial glory. Haven was a blue collar jewel producing steel and coal and housing a tight knit residential community. It was the American dream realized until the industrial crash hit hard in the 1980’s and a whole different element moved in. Haven became a decaying relic inhabited by criminal and very territorial residents. You can imagine how thrilled those residents were when biotech company Tythonic Industries moved in and took over.

Tythonic brought with them a fearsome security force known as Pillar to deal with the local elements. Pillar are not your average flashlight carrying security guards, they’re mercenaries bordering on international criminals. Heavily armed, highly capable and notoriously merciless. As for Tythonic, it has remained a mystery with lots of questions swirling around who they are and what they’re doing. Many asking why would a company need this level of security? They have become the target of serious investigative minds hellbent on cracking the case.

Hazardous Haven

Haven is a wholly unique PUBG experience exclusive to Season 10. This is a dense urban setting that comes with ample vertical buildings that can make for great perches for our sharpshooting survivors.  Emergency Parachute which can be deployed to make a quick descent.

Something to keep in mind, this island is NOT abandoned. Tythonic is still entrenched on Haven and guarded by Pillar which means you’ll be running into them, and they will attack. Being a high tech brute force, Pillar will not just throw bodies at you, they are equipped with deadly tech. The guards cover the ground but Pillar also has eyes in the sky with a Scout Helicopter that will shine a spotlight on intruders.

They have a mobile assault unit known as Pillar Tactical.

This heavily armored behemoth is the antithesis of the Loot Truck. If you shoot at it it will respond in kind with bullets and fire bombs.

Best tactic for encountering the Pillar Tactical is to run.

The Specs

Haven will hold 32 players for Duo Mode only which will include 1-Man duo. It will be available for both TPP and FPP. Given these logistics, a match on Haven will be considerably shorter than a typical PUBG match.

You’ll have plenty of time to dominate on Haven as Season10 will run from December 16, 2020 to March 24, 2021.

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