Meet The New Whip

Hop In The Coupe RB

Marmalade Colored Coupe…

Inside and out, this sweet little two door is a handsome piece of vintage driving engineering. The limited edition orange paint job is eye catching but with a top speed of 150km/h you won’t have to worry about stealth. Once inside it’s hard to ignore the black leather interior fashioned with coveted classic touches which include classy wood paneling in mint condition. Major international spy vibes coming off this ride, make sure to break out your coolest pair of shades.

Don’t let its age fool you, the Coupe is no hoopty, it runs like new and is designed for navigating tricky terrain with tight turns once you master its handling. A perfect balance of style and substance.

We Got Pans In The Coupe, Bustin’ Out The Roof

Even if it had backseats, which it doesn’t, no one has time to fold down seats and stumble over the seatbelt on the Battlegrounds, hence the Coupe’s capacity is limited to two passengers. So grab the squad mate you’re ride or die for and hit the road in style.

For squad purposes, having two in the Coupe scouting out ahead can be a nice split tactic especially during the early looting stages. With its impressive speed you might have time to pull a downed squad mate out of the Blue Zone. Snagging a Coupe with all this horsepower will allow any team or solo player to expand the amount of ground they can cover.

You can now be in the Coupe going crazy on Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Enjoy the new ride and watch your speed on those hills!

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