Once Upon A Time...

Red Riding Hood Skins

Our latest skins bring a PUBG twist to the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Young Red packs a basket of goodies to bring to grandma and embarks on a sketchy trip in the woods all alone.

Our new skins have Red in a short red cape, dark wash jeans, and red combat boots. A practical, modern fashion look for a walk in the woods of fairytales. The set also comes with a face scar which represents Red’s encounter with a certain hungry wolf. Our wolf skin is a fierce combo of fur and leather to create this punk rock wolf look.

For some reason, Red discloses that Grandma’s house is the destination for this trip. Pro tip Survivors, don’t tell hungry mammals where you’re going. The wolf hauls it over to Grandma’s house, eats her and then takes her place in bed to hopefully lure Red close enough to eat.

I don’t know how much luck our particular wolf will have in this getup trying to fool Red, but hey, worth a try before the guy with the axe gets there!

These Red Riding Hood skins are available now for those looking to bring a little storybook magic to the Battlegrounds.

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