PUBG LABS: Challenger Battle Royale

Rely on your senses, it's a jungle out there.

Hello Survivors!

Welcome to Challenger Battle Royale! In this turn of Labs, on-screen UI is minimal to enhance immersion in this unique mode, upping the stealth experience with an eerie dusk setting.

Sanhok After Sunset

We know Sanhok as a lush green map but once the sun goes down, the dense jungle turns into a den of darkness. The UI you rely on in typical PUBG such as the compass, mini-map, ammo, kill feed, and alive player counter, are not displayed. This means you will have to rely on your knowledge of the map and your senses to survive. Make sure that headset is finely tuned because audio will become your best bet at locating enemies.

Luckily you won’t be completely blind out there. A flare will be fired which will allow players to see the environment around them and where the circle is. Once the flare is fired three times, it is a sign that the Blue Zone is closing in, which means you need to move and make way to the center of the circle.

Can you become the ultimate survivor in Challenger Battle Royale?

Weapon Damage

In this Challenger Battle Royale mode, the damage of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables are doubled in order to shorten time-to-kill.

Blue Zone

The Blue Zone does the normal amount of damage to players and moves at the same speed and timing as normal Battle Royale matches.

  • A single red Flare signals the Warning phase
    • The Safe Zone is identified
    • Occurs at the center of the new circle
    • The Flare does not light up the area
    • Occurs when the new Blue Zone is determined
    • Visible until the Blue Zone starts to move
  • Three consecutive red Flares signal the Closing Phase
    • Three Flare sounds
    • Flare lights up the surrounding area
    • Occurs in the center of the safe zone
    • Occurs when the Blue Zone starts to move
    • Visible flare until the Blue Zone stops
    • Flare in the same position as the single warning phase flare

UI Changes

  • No Player HUD (boost bar, Blue Zone backpack bar, no mini-map, no compass, no ammo counter)
    • The player’s health bar will be shown
  • No player count
  • No kill feed
  • No kill counter
  • “M” (Default) brings up map, but the map does not display player markers, the Blue Zone display, or any other markings
  • No changes to the inventory menu
  • No ping messages

Service Schedule


After completion of maintenance on March 10th/9th.

  • PST: March 9  – March 15,  11 AM
  • KST: March 10 – March 15, 4 PM
  • CET: March 10 – March 15, 8 AM


  • PST: March 9, 9 PM PST – March 15,  11 AM
  • KST: March 10, 2 PM KST – March 15, 4 PM
  • CET: March 10, 6 AM CET – March 15, 8 AM


  • FPP, TPP
  • Solo Mode
  • Sanhok
  • Players have the normal amount of health
  • Dusk weather/lighting
  • Bullet Tracers are enabled
  • Up to 100 players in each match

Notes When Playing in LABS

  • LABS gameplay does not provide XP for gameplay rewards
  • LABS gameplay does not be applied to your Career stats
  • LABS gameplay does not count for your Survivor Pass missions
  • LABS gameplay provides BP, but no additional rewards

The ultimate intense Challenger Battle Royale, dare to be the last one standing!

From Sanhok with love,


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